Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is energy-efficiency so important worldwide?

    Simply put, the world’s cleanest, cheapest, most abundant source of energy is the oil, gas, and coal we never have to mine, transport, or burn because of efficiency gains. Energy efficient approaches and technologies greatly reduce energy costs and our carbon footprint.

  • What is SOLARBLOCK?

    SOLARBLOCK is a proprietary water-based retrofit Nano coating for windows, which has low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) contents. It is an environmental friendly product. This cutting-edge nano technology will keep rooms and building envelopes cool in warm climates.

  • Why should I consider SOLARBLOCK for my building?

    Heating and cooling energy wasted in The United States alone could power The United Kingdom for 7 years. More than 40% of that energy is lost through windows.

  • How does SOLARBLOCK work?

    SOLARBLOCK™ uses cutting-edge nanotechnology that allows a large portion of Visible Light Transmission, resulting in clear solar control solutions through windows, while blocking over 70% of IR and over 95% of UV by absorbing them on the glass. The IR and UV energy converts into heat on the glass, which is why it always feels warm. This warmth converts the window into a thermal barrier. In the summer, through secondary emission, a portion of heat emits outside and a portion emits inside. Whatever emits outside is the heat that is blocked.

  • How much energy can SOLARBLOCK save?

    On average, we are able to lower the room temperature by up to 5-9° in the summer, saving between 20-40% in cooling energy. In some scenarios, we have seen where interior temperatures were reduced by nearly 22° during sunny days. SOLARBLOCK™ reduces UV by more than 95%. This helps protect whatever is inside the room (furnishings, family photos, artwork, carpet, hardwood floors) from fading, and also protects against skin cancer.

  • Are inefficient windows a major problem?

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the country’s stock of commercial and residential buildings have accounted for more than 40% of total energy consumption since 2008. They are projected to maintain that share through 2035. Windows play a part in 42% of home and 67% of commercial energy use, impacting buildings’ cooling, heating and lighting needs. Experts say, “about $40 billion a year leaks out the windows, the high-level goal is to get all buildings to the point where they don’t use any net energy.”

  • Can I apply SOLARBLOCK myself?

    No, SOLARBLOCK requires professional application and certified installers are thoroughly trained and experienced in performing this high quality work. In this way, our customers enjoy the benefits of SOLARBLOCK and can have the comfort and peace of mind of our 15-year warranty.

  • How long does SOLARBLOCK last?

    It will last and perform for over 15 years. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) performed an accelerated 15-year weathering test on the product and determined 15 years was easily achieved. This is why all applications carry a 15-year warranty.

  • Does SOLARBLOCK smell when applied?

    No. The only noticeable smell our clients have reported is that of rubbing alcohol, which we use as part of our thorough window-cleaning process.

  • Does SOLARBLOCK scratch?

    It will withstand normal wear-and-tear as a regular window would. As long as no hard objects scratch it, the window will be scratch-free for at least 15 years. However, should damage occur, it is very simple to apply a repair, unlike film.

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