Solaris Technology LTD. has uncovered the science of reducing solar heat gain, infrared and ultra violet light while still giving amazing visual light results. It’s a liquid technology that is easily applied with a cost efficient, single step process.


SolarBlock is a  patent pending, high performance, water based glass coating system that is environmentally friendly, has very low VOCs, and produces virtually no odor. Once applied to glass, SolarBlock immediately begins to reduce a building’s energy consumption while producing a transparent, highly durable and scratch resistant surface.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 35% of energy wasted in buildings is due to inefficient windows. The California Energy Commission estimates that around 40% of a typical building’s cooling requirements are due to solar heat gain through windows. Given these facts, it’s likely that you could make big strides in energy savings by improving this  building element.


SolarBlock’s combination of low cost, performance and ease of application give it an extraordinary advantage over its competitors. SolarBlock’s ability to coat existing buildings through a proprietary process and coat OEM glass make this product unlike any other product on the market today. SolarBlock’s performance from one single coat will out perform many multi-coat systems, thus dropping OEM production and equipment costs dramatically.

SOLARBLOCK works by blocking more than 99% ultraviolet radiation while allowing up to 70% visible light transference. In layman’s terms, this means that SolarBlock blocks heat not light, yielding greater interior comfort.

SOLARBLOCK is the only water based performance glass coating that can be installed on OEM glass and on existing windows at a fraction of window replacement costs.

  • Easy to Apply, single step process makes SOLARBLOCK the number one product in its class
  • Unique application process is safe, efficient and easy to maintain
  • Tints or pigments can be added to SolarBlock for architectural and aesthetic requirements

Solar Block is applied directly onto the interior side of a window with rapid drying time. A transparent surface is created that starts producing results immediately. SolarBlock’s remarkable versatility will create a new standard in the retrofit and fenestration markets.



A Breakthrough in Performance Glass Technology


  • 20-40% energy savings
  • Blocks 99% 0f UV
  • Very low solar heat gain coefficient
  • Blocks heat while maximizing visible light
  • Can be applied at the OEM level and retrofitted
  • Doesn’t darken the building like most tint products
  • Maximum optical visibility
  • No pealing or bubbling
  • Low VOC content
  • Water based and non-toxic
  • The best upgrade for glass

Our mission is to create the most comfortable
environment for the world to experience
through innovative, eco-friendly technology.


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