Many window film manufacturers talk about their tinted and reflective films’ ability to block heat. They seldom confess that their films also block light. In some cases, highly reflective and colored window films with metalized heat-reflective coatings can block as much as 85% of the visible light.

 A number of conventional tinted and reflective window films do successfully block desirable unwanted solar energy, but because they block desirable light, the result is a building in which natural levels of lights are permanently excluded. In addition, conventional window films lessen the transparency and change the appearance (often by adding color) to existing glass. In commercial properties especially, the consequent darkened interiors require increased lighting which not only adds cost but as generator of heat, often results in more, not less, use of air conditioning, defeating the cost-saving benefit of applied window film in the first place.

Experience suggests that employees spending eight or more hours in unnatural dark spaces feel less energized, often suffer more illness, take more sick days and are less productive than their counterparts in naturally illuminated environments.

 The ideal product should minimize UV penetration, reduce short wave IR energy and maximize light transmission whilst also reducing glare. SOLARBLOCK provides a unique opportunity to fulfill these requirements.

 A number of films, when installed on a window become visible to the naked eye and can also cause a slight distortion of clarity. During the application of film, air-borne particles can be trapped between the film and the glass surface, causing a blemish and may even cause the film to puncture or tear during cleaning. Window film remains an applied film to the glass surface using an adhesive backing.

SOLARBLOCK is applied to the glass using our proprietary  application process. Once cured the coating becomes part of the glass, resulting in no peeling, cutting or scratching. This application process also allows for a clean and blemish free product.

When faced with a choice between a film or SOLARBLOCK performance glass coating, the smart money is on SOLARBLOCK. Factor in the issues of occupant morale, employee productivity and building appearance, and it’s clear that SOLARBLOCK is the preferred choice.



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