Solar Block Technology

SOLARBLOCK is a high performance, water based, performance glass coating that is environmentally friendly, has very low VOC’s and produces virtually no odour. Once applied, this highly durable, coating reduces energy consumption in the summer by reducing air conditioning costs (20-40%) whilst providing maximum visible light penetration.

SOLARBLOCK™ is a PATENT Pending* transparent water-based glass coating, which once applied to a window immediately begins to improve the environmental conditions within your space, reducing glare and Ultra Violet penetration. This will reduce the building’s environmental energy management consumption and costs. It works by blocking up to 70% of heat generating Infrared, virtually all-ultraviolet radiation (over 99%) whilst allowing up to 70% visible light transference. This means that SOLARBLOCK™ blocks heat not light, yielding greater interior comfort along with substantial savings in environmental energy use due to air conditioning power consumption of up to 40% during peak energy usage loads.

  • The only water based performance glass coating that can be installed at OEM and on existing windows at a fraction of window replacement costs
  • Easy to Apply, single step process makes SOLARBLOCK the number one product in its class
  • Unique application process is safe, efficient and easy to maintain
  • Tints or pigments can be added to SOLARBLOCK for architectural and aesthetic requirements

Solaris Technologies have a number of application methods to meet your requirements. SOLARBLOCK, whether applied by OEM or Retrofit has a surface dry time of 20 minutes, a touch dry time of 2 hours and a hard cured time of 48 hours. A transparent coating both with and without tint added and a highly durable surface is created that starts producing results immediately.

The core technology benefit is that with correct application there is virtually no waste and does not bubble or blister when compared with Low-E coatings and window film. SOLARBLOCK offers a distinct advantage in the marketplace by providing technology far superior than its peers, giving customers a significant return on investment as well as peace of mind. Its unique application method provides commercial benefit to both the customer applying the product and their client.

In recent years, different types of coatings have been developed to allow even more of the visible solar radiation to penetrate the glass. These coatings are referred to as spectrally selective coatings because they allow penetration of some segments of the solar spectrum.

SOLARBLOCK’s distinct advantage is its flexibility of application and its significant cost benefits. It’s simple field application process makes the product uniquely suited for retrofitting older single pane windows and doors.

SOLARBLOCK performance glass coating has the ability to coat OEM Glass with a single step process. The products procurement and application costs are more competitively positioned to provide an OEM fabricator significant commercial advantages over Low-E coated glass or secondary film application.



Visible Light is maximized with no optical distortion, giving the clients the ability to enjoy natural sunlight while maintaining comfort.

infrared light known as heat energy or solar radiation, is drastically reduced. The result is a healthier environment, yielding lower energy consumption and costs.

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT is nearly eliminated, improving the longevity of interior materials such as carpets, furniture, draperies and other interior finishes.

Our mission is to create the most comfortable
environment for the world to experience
through innovative, eco-friendly technology.


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